Do you know someone who wants to quit smoking or vaping? Help us find practical and effective ways to help young people quit.


Quitting is difficult! We need to better understand the barriers that young people encounter when they try to quit.

You smoke or vape occasionally, or every day and you have tried or thought about quitting? We need your input!

Together, we can design new solutions to help young people quit.


It is easy to participate! We just need 15 minutes of your time!

Answer simple questions

To begin, we will ask you a few questions to get to know you better.

Share your opinion!

We will then ask you why it is difficult for you to quit.

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Once you have shared your opinion, you will be invited to participate inthe other parts of the study. All you need to do is give us your email address so that we can contact you later.

We hope we can count on your help!

Data confidentiality

All data will be treated confidentially according to the law in Canada, and the General Data Protection Regulations in Europe.

No information that identifies you will be published.

The research project was approved by the University of Montreal's ethics committee and submitted to the University of Lorraine's Data Protection Officer for validation. The study has been registered with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés and the Université de Lorraine under the number 2021-155. The University of Lorraine and the University of Montreal will ensure the follow-up of this research.

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